100 sponsored children – Run2gether is more than just a running Club (see report from 25.10.2015) ……

Together with Peter Chege Wangari, I too have the pleasure of supporting his niece Rosemary. During my stay in the running camp Mt. Longonot, Chege invites me me visit Rosemary. She lives with her grandmother, not far from Chege and his Family.

The day begins with a morning run at 6:30. Then comes breakfast, followed by a visit next door to the nursery school with the 29 children and their teacher Lilian. Then we walk to the highway leading to Nairobi where we flag down a matatu, a group taxi. Or are we the ones who are flagged down?

Als “musungo” (white man), I am greeted warmly – and yet also with some surprise. “Time and place are money!” could be the motto of this matatu. The driver passes other vehicles any chance he gets (and even when he doesn’t get a chance), and the “conductor” is a pro at packing the taxi in with paying passengers.

Chege is suprised that I’d want to take a picture of an avocado tree. While his wife Loise (teacher), Chege (athlete, farmer, and teacher), and I have lunch and drink chai, their daughter Margaret – not even a year old – sleeps peacefully on the sofa.

Then comes Rosemary – out of breath – who takes advantage of recess at the primary school to run over for a visit. At first somewhat shy and hardly daring to eat, she quickly finds that mischievous smile of hers. Helped along by Chege and Loise, we start to talk, especially about school. Meanwhile, Margaret continues to sleep blissfully.

I quickly take a few more pictures, then Rosemary has to get back to school. Before getting into a matatu to head back to Kiambogo, Chege shows me a tea plantation in the vicinity.

At dinner back at camp, he tells me that after we left, Margaret was soon up and about and keeping her mother on her toes…

As said, Run2gether is more than just a running club!

Martin Gusek
November 2015

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