Geoffrey Githuku fulfills a dream and builds his own house….

A month ago, most of our Kenyan athletes returned home. For three months in summer they coached our running guests atop the Turracher Höhe during our weeklong running camps and competed in races on the weekend. Many of them have since returned home to their families and are recouping from their long and strenuous stay abroad before their training picks up once again for the winter running season in Kenya as well as for next year in Europe.
One of our athletes, however, didn’t take a moment’s break. Geoffrey Githuku, one of our most popular runners whom many of you will remember, fulfilled one of his biggest dreams. Right after returning home, he began planning and building his own home!
On account of his strong performance during training, Geoffrey was invited to come to Europe for the first time this year and lived up to everyone’s expectations. All of his race results (as well as those of our other runners) can be found in his profile Geoffrey GITHUKU.

Yet it would wrong to assume that with his prize money Geoffrey is now set for life. As opposed to other sports, earnings at regional competitions are minimal, to say the least. Wins in Fronleiten or Bad Ischl or at other similar events can’t be compared to victories at the Boston or New York City Marathon. And yet our runners are delighted with their €100 prize money, money that is nonetheless hard won. And if someone ends up taking home €500, that’s something special indeed.
Geoffrey competed in 8 races and socked away nearly every euro he earned. His only treat was an inexpensive smartphone. The rest of his money went home with him to buy materials for his house.
And now it’s standing, his “little dream home” made of wood and corrugated metal.

And in case you’re wondering, Geoffrey spent roughly €1,000 to build his dream home. There wasn’t enough money to furnish it, but that’s okay with Geoffrey. In his well-known humble manner, he says that’s he’s hoping for next year. “Next year, if God’s wishes and I perform well, I hope  also for good prize money. I will invest in something else.”


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