Diese drei Eltitedamen verbindet nicht nur der Wunsch nach der Olympiateilnahme. Verletzungen, Rückschläge und berufliche Herausforderung bestimmten die vergangenen Monate und Jahre. Lese hier über ihre besonderen Wege!

🇩🇪 Thea Heim

Thea Heim, 29 from Munich, is a top athlete who achieves remarkable things. She works full time for a German insurance company and is also one of the best German long-distance runners with PBs of 73:23min in the HM and 2:36:10h in the marathon. After her studies, she made a conscious decision not to become a professional runner and to balance her career with top-level sport. Her weekly log usually shows 8 to 11 running sessions in addition to a 40-hour office job! This works because her trainer Norman Feiler adapts her plans flexibly to her daily routine, the general conditions and her physical condition. And she has already proven several times that this combination works very well for Thea! The impressive highlight: the European Championship qualification standard in Barcelona 2020!
We are happy that this extraordinary athlete will also be at the start of the S7HalfMarathon!

🇨🇭 Martina Straehl

World and European champion in mountain running, best times of 69:29min in the half marathon and 2:28:07h in the marathon, and an almost endless list of successes in mountain running and at national championships in Switzerland! In 2020, she wanted to add another highlight to her long list of successes with the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Qualified as a top 10 finisher and the best European in the Berlin Marathon 2019, the cancellation of Tokyo meant that the qualification via a major event was unfortunately no longer valid and she planned a new attack on the qualification standard. Unfortunately, Martina was set back in her preparation by a muscle injury, now time is running out… But she has already proven that she can handle setbacks in 2018, when she came back with best times in her comeback after a life-threatening stomach bleeding! We keep our fingers firmly crossed for Martina and wish her a healthy preparation for the S7HalfMarathon!

🇩🇪 Jana Soethout

It’s a comeback to the competitive scene. For many years it was quiet around the top German runner. As a student, the Cologne native went to the USA to study and take the next career step in terms of running at college. This succeeded impressively and despite some injury problems, new PBs (2014: 5000m in 16:00.51min and 10000m in 33:02.02min) kept spilling into her old home. That she can also run fast on home asphalt was proven by her 2013 HM debut, when she completed it in an impressive 73:49min.
However, recurring ailments and the start of her career were reasons that interrupted Jana’s success story in 2015. The original goal of becoming a professional marathon runner became a distant memory. But at the age of 32, her ambition has returned and Jana is ready for a comeback at the S7! Will it be as fast as her debut? We will see… However, we should not count on old standards, but rather focus on the fun of competition. We are happy that she will join us at the S7 Halfmarathon!

Euer/your run2gether Team